Dental implants replace both the lost natural tooth and its root. It looks and functions like a natural tooth without sacrificing the health of neighboring teeth. It is more aesthetics and is easier to keep clean, leading to an attractive smile.

At Laser Dental Center, we always want the best for your teeth, so we believe in educating you not only about the benefits of dental implants but also about its aftercare.

Immediately after the surgery

  • Don’t disturb the wound
  • Avoid rinsing, spitting, and touching the wound
  • Some bleeding and redness in the saliva is normal
  • The salt water rinse may be recommended if there is minimal bleeding
  • Swelling is also a normal occurrence after surgery
  • To minimize swelling apply ice pack on the cheek in the area of surgery
  • We strongly discourage smoking during the healing phase
  • Strenuous exercises should be avoided for 3-4 days after surgery
  • You must maintain oral hygiene
  • Brush your teeth on the night of the surgery but be gentle around the surgical site
  • Try not to disturb the area with your tongue or fingers
  • Dry lips, sore throat, and stiff jaw muscles are normal post-operation and usually resolves within a week after surgery

Dental Implants


  • Avoid hot liquids and food
  • Avoid chewing food till local anesthetic is worn out
  • Liquids and pureed food (soups, pudding, yogurt, milkshakes, etc) are best
  • Don’t use straw for the first few days
  • Eat nourishing food; it’s extremely important not to skip meals
  • If you are diabetic, maintain a normal diet and follow your doctor’s instructions
  • Avoid foods like nuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn, etc. as they may get lodged in the surgical area
  • Dental implants are nearly pain-free, still depending on your condition, pain relief medication may be prescribed

And once your dental implants have healed it will function the same way as your other natural teeth, thus its maintenance remains the same. While regular brushing, rinsing, and flossing are imperative, timely check-ups and cleaning by your dentist are important as well.

Laser Dental Center’s aims to give you’re the best dental implants service with the recovery being as smooth and pleasant as possible. Follow this advice carefully and enjoy long-term benefits of dental implants.