Show Off Your Crowns in Your Smile

Experiencing tooth decay or a dental injury is never fun. But the good news is that they can be saved. When damage occurs, the only goal of a dentist is to provide the best care to restore the tooth with crowns and protect it from further decay or damage.

We all know teeth have two most important functions:

  • Enable us to chew food
  • Support our cheeks and lips giving us an attractive appearance

And chances are even if you have good oral health routine you may end up with a damaged tooth at some point in your life.  Dental crowns are the perfect way to restore them.


Crowns :

These are ceramic restorations that cover the visible portion of the tooth all the way to the gum line. It acts as a buffer that absorbs the force of biting and chewing, so the vulnerable tooth is protected from further injury.

This versatile treatment is often used with a combination of other treatment such as root canal therapy, dental bridges, and dental implants.

‘When done correctly, a dental crown will look and act as natural teeth matching the natural appearance of the tooth enamel.’

  • Porcelain made dental crown can be colored to any shade, thus blending well with the surrounding teeth improving the aesthetics of the entire jaw.
  • They are biocompatible with the body, almost lifelike and distribute light better, therefore creating a natural smile.
  • They are very comfortable and can be shaped and molded to exact measurements for a comfortable fit within a month.


Process :

Just two dental appointments and the process of placing a dental crown are complete. During the first visit, the tooth is cleaned and decay is removed, followed by cementing the crown in place. This crown though is temporary to protect the tooth from damage or infection till the final crown is molded.

During this time you need to be extremely careful in order not to break the temporary crown. Consuming sticky and chewy food is not recommended.

During the second visit, the final crown is placed on the tooth. Yet again, you need to be careful for a few days and avoid eating hard and chewy food.

But oral hygiene will be of top priority. You should ensure to brush and floss around the cap of the crown thoroughly in order to avoid gum disease.

Good news for the dentist :

Dr. Ataii also provides courses designed to reinforce treatment approaches that meet aesthetic and functional goals expected by patients. This course provides information on the considerations and procedural steps involved in the treatment with a single crown.

A professional, after completing the course will be able to:

  • Rationalize the criteria for restoration of the tooth
  • Perform with perfection the treatment of a single crown, including design and material selection
  • Review periodontal, anatomical, functional and esthetic factors during treatment planning and treatment phase.

Laser center is a one-stop clinic for both patients and professionals to achieve individual treatment objectives for a dental crown.